Case Studies: Part 1

Sound financial planning provides the basis for healthy, happy and active retirement years. But the requirement to astutely manage your finances doesn't end when you retire. In fact, because you are no longer earning a paycheque, it may be more important in your retirement years than your working life.  

The case studies listed in the “More…” section below, show how four retirees continue to manage their investment portfolios to produce the retirement income they need, based on their:

  • Annual retirement income amount
  • Sources of retirement income
  • Amount of money invested
  • Knowledge and comfort with investing

These case studies are guidelines for how a professional would build your portfolio. Examine the case studies to identify the situation that most closely resembles yours. Use it as a model to follow when building and managing your own portfolio in retirement.

If you’re still working and not yet in retirement, see Build Your Portfolio: Case Studies: While You’re Working and Manage Your Portfolio: Case Studies: While You’re Working.

You are ultimately responsible for making decisions on your investment choices. Ensure your decisions are based on your goals and objectives and work for you.




Binita & Vijay

Joe & Tanya