Are Your Habits Healthy?

Excessive use of alcohol can damage your health. Occasional and sensible use will not generally harm you, either physically or mentally, but each body type has its own tolerance level and it changes with age. If you drink, get to know your tolerance level and when to say no.

We have all been told about the hazards of becoming a dying breed. If you smoke, you should quit. If you think you can't quit, see your doctor and at least try to cut down. Cutting down may lead to quitting later and at today's prices you can save a lot of money.

Many studies have supported the fact that sex is not so much a matter of age as it is of attitude. In some situations, there might be physical reasons to abstain, but for most, healthy sexual activity is possible and pleasurable even into retirement. If you (or a current or future partner) enjoy reasonable health and there appears to be some problem in your attitudes toward sex, discuss it with your doctor. If you’re not satisfied, ask him or her to refer you to a specialist.

Age sometimes appears to have a stigma attached to it. We should keep in mind that we have two ages: a birthday age and a health age. You can't change the former, nor should you want to, but you can surely influence the latter.

Below is a brief questionnaire to assess if your habits are healthy or if they could indicate possible health problems. Go ahead and fill it out.

Health Self-Assessment

  Yes No
Have you had the following examinations within the last year?    
     (a) Medical
     (b) Dental
     (c) Hearing
     (d) Eyesight
Do you get regular exercise?
Are you as fit as you should be?
Are you following your doctor's advice about any physical condition?
Is your weight a problem?
If "yes", are you doing anything about it?
Do you know what is required for good nutrition?
Have you reviewed your diet to see if it contains the necessary nutritional elements?
Do you drink more than you should at times?
Do you smoke more than you should?
Do you have trouble controlling stress?
Do you become depressed easily or more often than you should?


If you’ve answered any of the questions above in a way that might indicate a health problem, complete the “Action Planning: Health” section of the Lifestyle Action Plan and record what action you’re going to take. You may want to set up an electronic Master Time Schedule to record and revise, as needed, your action steps as you prepare for retirement.