Manage Your Investments

The only constant in life is change. You build your financial plan and make your investments based on a certain set of circumstances, and then change happens. That’s why it is important to review your investments on a regular basis and when significant life events occur. This ensures that your investments are still appropriate for your circumstances and for those of the investing world. 

When conducting your review, use the one of the investment management checklists to identify those areas requiring attention.

  • Investment Management Checklist: Simple
  • Investment Management Checklist: Detailed

Next Steps:

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Prepared by a financial services professional, an investment policy statement (IPS) is a living document that outlines your personal investing objectives,  strategies  and boundaries. It ensures that your portfolio will continue to meet your needs, address your circumstances and be managed in a structured and disciplined manner. If you don’t already have an IPS, why not put one in place?

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