Decode Investment Fund Reports

The secret to your success as an investor is to know what you own. The basic investment fund report is an underutilized resource just waiting for you to explore. Updated periodically, widely available and dense with data, these reports supply investors with all sorts of valuable data to evaluate, compare and contrast funds.

Investment fund reports outline such details as the fund's:

  • Investment philosophy/strategy
  • Top holdings
  • Number of holdings
  • Management style (active or passive)
  • Historical performance
  • Growth of $10,000 over time
  • Level of risk

Morningstar is one provider of independent investment-related research. You can access Morningstar investment fund reports directly from the website: The slideshows below illustrate some examples of Morningstar reports. If you are a member of an employer pension or savings plan, Investment fund reports, whether from Morningstar or other providers, may be available through your plan administrator.

You can learn to decode investment fund reports by reviewing the three slideshows found below. The slideshows illustrate some of the content contained in these reports. They also demonstrate how you can use investment fund reports to assess different funds according to different criteria listed above.

The investment fund reports included on this website may not look exactly the same as those on your plan administrator’s website. Morningstar and other organizations customize investment fund reports for use by administrators of employer-sponsored pension/savings plans. While the core data remain the same, read the reports to determine if fund performance is quoted before fees or after fees. If performance is shown before fees, find the fees on your plan administrator’s website and subtract them from the quoted returns (both will be quoted in percentages) to determine your actual return.

Morningstar Investment Fund Report - Fidelity True North

Take a look inside a fund. Discover criteria you can use to evaluate, compare and contrast investment funds. Click the button below to view it.



Pre-Built Portfolio Funds Comparison

The following two Morningstar investment reports will give you some tips on how to compare different pre-built portfolio funds. Click the button below to start.


Compare Active vs. Passive Styles

The following two Morningstar investment reports will help you understand the difference between active and passive investment styles. Click the button below to start.