Get Started Using Pre-Built Portfolio Funds

To get started using pre-built portfolio funds, first determine whether they are a good option for you by checking all the answers that apply in the survey below.

Pre-Built Portfolio Funds

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If you selected any of the answers in the survey, then pre-built funds are right for you. Explore Pre-Built Portfolio Funds or go directly to Target (Retirement) Date Funds.

Dos and Don’ts When Using Pre-Built Portfolio Funds

While pre-built portfolio funds are intended to be relatively simple, straightforward investment vehicles, there are still certain things that you should and should not do to ensure the best return on your investment. Follow the list of dos and don'ts that follow.


  • Keep it simple; optimize the number of funds held, based on the portfolio’s size plus your investor objectives and knowledge.
  • Consider your target (retirement) date or portfolio funds for retirement portfolios:
    • Compare the asset mix to your investor profile. They may not align. To help you understand why target date funds operate differently and to assess their suitability, see Target (Retirement) Date Funds to read up on their unique characteristics.
  • Track the variation in your portfolio’s asset mix when other assets, such as shares in your employer’s share purchase account, are included as part of your portfolio.
  • Set ownership limits on other assets, to maintain adequate diversification.


  • Own pre-built funds plus a number of individual stocks, bonds and other funds, as it defeats the purpose of simplicity.
  • Ignore your fund year after year; an annual review is still required.

Optional Strategies: Fine-Tune Your Portfolio

  • Consider employing a complementary (active or passive) management style.
  • Modify your fund choice(s) to address both:
    • Years until retirement; and
    • Acceptable level of risk.