Death of a Spouse/Partner

Losing a spouse/partner can be an extremely difficult experience. Grief, particularly from the loss of a spouse, can be intense and overwhelming. The way we respond and react to grief varies according to the individual. Grief takes time and you should take the appropriate time to grieve. Now is not the time to make big financial decisions.

On top of dealing with grief, you may be faced with certain responsibilities, especially if you are the named executor in the will of your deceased spouse. If you are incapable of managing those responsibilities, you can hire a professional to assist you. Some of the tasks involved in being an executor include: locating and notifying beneficiaries; locating and protecting assets; determining the value of assets and outstanding debts; filing tax returns; realizing assets to pay income tax and debts of the deceased; and distributing assets to remaining beneficiaries. Use the resources below to help you get through this difficult time.

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