What's Happening?

Financial planning looks at what you own and owe; what you earn and spend. It clarifies your wants and needs. If your goal is to improve your financial health and well-being, financial planning shows you how. It’s about compromises, trade-offs and priorities. It attaches a cash value to the happiness factor you expect from buying “stuff” today and compares it to the cost: the time added to your working years or the sadness experienced when you aren’t able to buy other stuff. 

To do it well, start with a clear and detailed picture. Use the What’s Happening? worksheet to reflect upon your current situation and upcoming life events. Identify your concerns and level of preparedness. Update it each year and whenever a significant life event occurs. 

Life events trigger change and uncertainty on your personal financial journey; they include:

  • Entering a new relationship
  • Ending a relationship
  • Birth of a child
  • Job loss or changing jobs
  • Dealing with an illness or disability
  • Moving to a new city, province or country
  • Loss of a spouse or partner
  • Achieving one or more of your life goals
  • Retirement 

Choices, big and small, add up. As life events occur, step back and reconsider your choices and priorities.

Financial planning is more than buying stocks or mutual funds. It is more than paying off your mortgage or saving for retirement; it is a lifelong dynamic process. Whether you have beginner or advanced financial knowledge, this website will help you educate yourself further about many aspects of personal finance.